I was shaken by love from meeting you...

...and my wings lost their way

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what 'bout my star

how fantastic to be with you my love


this is my personal journal, housing various rants, squeals, and loves! i'm slightly crazy, but hey it makes everything taste better right? i'm dabbling in several hobbies right now but most noticeably anime, manga, world of warcraft, writing and graphics making so talk to me i'm pretty nice! or at least i don't bite :P

if you're curious check out my graphics journal where my fanshipping, fanlove, and general geekiness abounds at haro_icons

for my writing (which i very guiltily have to update soon -_-'''') its located at buttrflybaubles

more info.

i've just finished watching macross frontier and it was soooo goood!!!! i'm on that craze right now ::squeal:: especially for alto+sheryl! i'm also following Gundam 00 and Chaos;Head right now and they're both pretty good!!!

manga that i'm following right now : Reaching You(きみにとどけ), Special A, Beauty Pop (at least these are the ones coming to mind @_@)


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